About Us

The Foundation was organized exclusively to make the community a better place for all, we support, educate, and serve the minority business, farming, entrepreneurial community in Southern Maryland, which includes the southern parts of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties and all of Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties.

The initial board of directors consists of three (3) members.

The names and addresses of the persons who shall serve as directors until the first annual meeting of members, or until their successors shall have been elected and qualified, are as follows:

  • Travis Cutler – Dominion Energy
  • Dr. Dan Mosser – College of Southern Maryland
  • Jerry Sanford – WGL, a Washington Gas Company
  • Doris J. Cammack-Spencer – Executive Director/Grant Administration

Update on Foundation Rural Maryland Council Project
by John Huggins, Technical Lead

The SMMCOC Foundation made the Phase 1 cuts for the MAERDAF and RMPIF Grant inputs.  We submitted our full proposal on July 21st.  Outside of pulling together the details for the three submittals and defining the budget for each, we confirmed our grant partner(s), obtained letters of support, as well as, identified the availability of in-kind and/or matching funds.

Our submittals included:

  • MAEDRF submission to, in selected areas in the Tri-County area, conduct broadband demand surveys, develop an analysis report of the returned surveys and conduct high-level wireless/fiber engineering in preparation for identifying, as least one town or area that meets the criteria for submitting a USDA Farm Bill Broadband Loan request, before the end of the submittal period – Sept 30, 2017.
  • RMPIF submission to facilitate the development of sustainable business owner/CEO Training Program; supporting the Tri-County area
  • RMPIF submission to also supports broadband surveys, development of detailed fiber & wireless broadband network engineering, competitive analysis, detailed business financials to support submittal of a viable proposal for a successful submittal to the USDA Farm Bill Broadband Loan and/or Economic Development Administration funding programs.  The higher funding request with this submission; would allow us to obtain administrative, accounting and other support required to get all the critical inputs required for the USDA broadband loan (up to $10 Million) and/or Economic Development Administration funding (up to $300K) program submissions done.

The priority of final Rural Maryland Council grant selections is based upon:

  • the substance of our proposal – development of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals
  • Other organizations, businesses, agencies and/or other community-based entities have expressed strong support for the grant activities – Obtain Letters of Support and other supportive materials
  • supporting more than one rural county
  • securing of non-state matching and/or in-kind funding; or provide the likelihood that we will be able to leverage additional financial resources to match the grant